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it happens so fast

So yesterday, Gabriel helped me make the biscuits. Really. I measured a cup of flour and poured it in the bowl. Then I measured another one, and handed it to him and he poured it in the bowl. They were a little light on sugar because he didn't understand scooping the tablespoon in and filling it up but there are worse things that could happen to biscuits. He helped put in the baking powder and the salt. And helped cut the butter in. Well, got in the way of putting the butter in. Sort of helped me knead the dough then roll it. Yes, this is probably getting tedious. But it was so exciting!  After that, he helped me put away a couple of pots and pans that were dry in the drainer.

The funny thing is that I asked him to help me as a distraction because he was being so clingy and saying "pick up mommy" which is also funny because I have to resist the urge to say things like, well you can try but I don't think it'll work.

And tonight I went to a talk for 1st time gardeners. Very basic, like you start by planning your garden. Which is what I needed. So now I will go to sleep and dream of my vegetables to be. Yay!


we made cookies today - the first time making something - and it was great! I can't wait for the next time!