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Worms eat my trash!

Well, they will soon.  I went to a workshop at the City of Ann Arbor's MRF and got a worm bin, shredded newspaper, a sprayer, a spatula, about a 1/2 lb of worms, a handful of soil and the book, Worms Eat My Garbage. Maggie came with me. I put it under the sink. Ken fed them coffee grounds this morning. Gabriel insists the book is his and keeps reading to himself. Along the lines of: "Worms eat my garbage. How many worms? At least seven. Worms eat my garbage." Turn page. Repeat.


Next,  I'm planning to become a Master Composter through a class offered later this spring. 
I can't believe I'm this excited about playing with rotting food.


awesome! I love worm bin composting!