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What kind of law do I practice?

So, I took the plunge. I made a monetary commitment that requires me to practice law to pay for it, at least for the next year. And everything I've read encourages me to find an area to focus on and stick to it. So have many of the people I've asked for advice. I think I know what I want to focus on: Supporting the local food and sustainability movement. I'm just not really sure how that plays out yet.

I imagine it'll involve some intersection of business support and advice, I'm sure I'll also do some estate planning. And court appointed work as soon as I get malpractice insurance and do the trainings. By next year, I hope to be able to do the ADR training and start doing mediation.

I've heard through the grapevine there's a need for advocacy for local food enterprises, especially those starting out under the new Cottage Food law, but I don't know how that would be funded.

Another area is zoning, particularly where it intersects with the Right to Farm Act. Plus the need to process local meat locally.

Do you have any thoughts about how I could practice law/advocate in this area? And how it'd get paid for? I'd love to hear it.


What a really excellent idea. I'd love to take advantage of your insight, experience, wisdom. Wanna get together and talk about it or just chat more online?


I do like Emily's ideas- especially the one about small business planning. I wish you lots of luck and patience getting through this planning part, I am excited for you!
(-Casey Braun)