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Can I have some cheese with this?

Having kids has been really, really, really tiring lately. This too shall pass, right? Trying to balance work and babies is, well, hard work. And yet the majority of the nation does it. Maybe not to this extent. Are we all idiots? Maybe if I didn't feel this need to keep my baby with me so much, or to continue to work while she's around it would be easier. Maybe if I could get to sleep at a reasonable time one of these days. Or took the time to plan and organize. Maybe if I could just catch up on my filing so I didn't spend all this time procrastinating on my computer when I should be doing something more productive.

Okay. Done whinging for a bit. Took Maggie to her first seminar today. She was a hit. I didn't get as much out of it as I should've. Partly because I was so tired. Partly because I was taking care of a four month old. Partly because I was late, having had to rush out of the house to also take Ken to work before leaving for Detroit when he learned his previously scheduled ride had overslept and was running late. So I left the directions to the hotel at home. And got to downtown Detroit in time to realize that if I'd brought the directions I'd only have been about 10 minutes late, not 30. That being said, it was a really great seminar on getting business sponsorships. Very, very practical. Now I'm going to find some energy to create a draft of a strategic plan to present to the board and somehow get some buy in.

Along the lines of getting energy, I recently committed to losing  50 lbs by this summer. So, the deadline is July. That makes the goal about 10 lbs down a month. First step is to exercise daily. Second eliminate most refined sugar. OK. All refined sugar. But I'm keeping a little bit in my coffee. And I got my post-pregnancy workout dvd out of the library today. Wish me luck.


I'd love a hardcore walking buddy if you're up for it when the weather is a little better!
I should also be up for walking (and swimming) after I move back to town next month.

btw, when I was intensively losing weight I found it very helpful to do small things like switch to whole grain breads that have smaller slices, not eat any potatoes except redskins (potatoes have a really high glycemic index), and start making traditional pasta dishes as straight stir-fries with sauce but no pasta. (You can still make the pasta if the rest of your family wants it, just don't eat it - eat more fruit and veggies to make up the fiber).

But exercising at the beginning of each day was really the key for me.
Good for you! You should check out www.sparkpeople.com if you haven't already. It's got some diet and exercise suggestions, or if you want you can just use it to count calories, carbs, protein and fat.
Good luck! I'd also love to try walking with you, though I'm probably less conveniently located than others.