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We actually managed to do the walk this morning. There's an annual walk on New Year's day starting at the Library Plaza and going for 30-45 minutes. I thought about doing it last year, but we didn't get to it. This year, I (again) thought it'd be a nice way for our family to start the year. So we did. We left our house a couple minutes before 11. As we approached downtown, we could see the group of ~ 20 people standing by the plaza. Then heading down the street. Then disappearing down the slope as we're walking at break neck speed, Gabriel riding on Ken's shoulders & me pushing Maggie in the stroller. Then we see them turning in to Water Street. We pass the photographer and hurry to catch up. We join the group a little ways down the path and see some familiar faces from the neighborhood. (As it happens, they made it on time but they drove down the hill. I'll admit to feeling smugly self-righteous about that.)

So that brings me to the first in my list of goals that I am remunerating on this  start of a new calendar year: Exercise everyday. The ultimate goal being a happier healthier me. The more immediate goal being the ability to view pictures of myself on my 10 year anniversary without cringing at the fat lady I've become.

Also resolved, to bring some order to the chaos in which my family currently resides. I've started working on developing routines. Am thinking about the whole flylady routine again, but possibly modified and scaled back to take into account my having two small  children and a life (because I don't believe the FL has either of  those things just a shiny sink and a shiny website and a system, which is what I really really need).

Further resolved: Professional development wherein I make enough money to support my family, reduce our debt and get us moving to some other goals such as better housing and less stress. I keep going back and forth about what this means. Does this mean I find a job that pays at the level I need? Or does it mean I develop my own business?

Right this moment, I'm leaning toward the shingle-hanging aspect, but it's really quite daunting. The idea would be to provide legal support to local, sustainable businesses. This would include being an advocate for those engaged in getting these types of businesses up and running. I'm concerned about whether there's enough paying work there. I'm concerned about making enough to make ends meet. About being able to do a good job while balancing family demands that make it pretty tough to work at home, which is my primary option right now. 

On the other hand, there are a couple job postings I've seen that are pretty interesting and would let me get into the policy side of things. That would also provide some financial stability, which would allow for planning and debt reduction. Plus there's that whole being able to leave work at the office thing. On the downside of that, there's commuting and probably having to become a two car family again. Plus not being able to be the go to mom for my kids that I have been.

Finally resolved, to keep better track of my plans and progress on these fronts. To this end, I'm aiming to post more here. It seems more efficient than developing my own blog. Plus I think I can easily link it to FB to keep people up to date on my crazy thought processes.

So, yeah. That's where it's at. More later. 


This stuff sounds great! I've also decided to start doing flylady stuff- although I'm adding a "pick up and put away toys" chore to the evening routine. I think that will help, because I too noticed that there isn't really anything on there about kids and the mess that they make. Regardless i'm sure it's going to improve things around here. So cool that you'll be doing it too!

Also, let me know if you ever want to go walking. I absolutely love walking with a good friend, so let me know if you'd like a buddy when you do some exercise.
Walking sounds great! What's your schedule like these days?
Pretty flexible- I can work most things out with a little warning! Message me!
you can do it, Liz. It won't be easy, but I have faith in you!!!